Envisioning Our Dreams Complete

Hi Friends!

In the past few days I've been listening to some wonderful teachings on manifestation. Books like "Mindpower", "Think and Grow Rich", "A Course In Miracles", and many more have graced my bookshelves, and are often sitting open on my coffee table. I'm intently interested in how manifestation works.

But this weekend I began to learn some finer aspects of the process of manifestation.., namely, the kinds of thinking that can block our manifestations....and I recognized some of my patterns for the first time.

I have no problem understanding the importance of visualizing the good outcomes, my desires. But my new teacher asked me a critical question...how do I respond when something happens that SEEMS to be opposite of what I want?

I'm not gunna, I lose faith in the process and go back into the "well, then, I'll have to do it myself" mode. I lose faith altogether.

My teacher showed me how to blow through these apparent obstacles through sharing an example from his own life.

He visualized a close friend getting sober. The next day the friend was found drunk in the gutter. I maybe would have thrown up my hands in despair, lost my faith in the power of Good. But my teacher explained that when "the opposite" seems to happen, just continue to know that this is an absolutly necessary step in the "Bridge of Events" that need to take place for our manifestations to happen. Don't lose faith!

Also, my teacher brought up another question that I've had...what about others' free will? Can I manifest love and healing change in the hearts of others? Here was his explanation: We exist in multiple realities, simultaneously. The people in our lives are in some way a reflection of the beliefs that we have. That's out there, but it solved a problem for me, it increased my faith in the process of faith.

So I sat in meditation last night. I visualized people close to me suddenly being freed from their problems. And sure enough, I got a call this morning. Someone close to me who has been struggling, said, "I don't know why, but I had this shift today from anger to gratitude."...I was like, wow. Ok. This, I believe, is prayer. Been trying to figure it out all my life. Just see your loved ones getting well, and pay no attention to events that might seem to go contrary. Stay in the good outcomes.