Dig in to what worked last year.

New Year's resolutions are great. It's wonderful to connect energetically to the desires of our hearts. To add to this powerful process, it's also eye-opening to look at what did and didn't work in the previous year. Here's a process for doing this. Please click HERE to see a worksheet I've created, inspired by a blog post by Tim Ferris.

This is basically an inventory of last year, going month by month and making a list from your calendar or your phone, or even by using your bank statements, to jog your memory as to the things that triggered BOTH great feelings, as well as those that triggered the worst results. At the end, you get out your calendar for the 2019 and schedule more of the best. At the same time, you create a "DO NOT DO" list to put on the fridge for the first few weeks of the year. I'm going to try this. A friend and I have set the time aside this afternoon. I really don't know what I'll end up with, which is the fun part. Because we all know the definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different result. Good luck and happy New Year!

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