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Darshana Health: Life Coaching

Face it. Life as a human on being on planet Earth can be a mysterious, confusing experience. Do you sometimes wonder if you're "doing it right"? How do we know what "right" even is? There are so many paths available to us. Or we may be feeling "stuck" and see very few options from where we stand today. Whose values do we embrace? What are our own values? What if internal or external challenges leave us feeling frustrated or ineffectual? Working with a life coach can help to clear up much confusion, and fuse us to your own unique vision, purpose, and ultimate profound fulfillment.

From the moment we are born, we are shaped by powerful external forces. Beginning in infancy and continuing throughout our lives into old age, our families, caregivers, schools, friends, cultures, employers, governments, and religious institutions influence us profoundly. We adopt behaviors often unconsciously, seeking to balance the meeting our own needs with those of the groups in which we find ourselves.

And yet, within each of us is a life-force all our own. We each have unique gifts and purposes, awaiting expression. Deep fulfillment is often experienced when we clear away the distractions. When we open space for exploration, and then initiate alignment with that unique flame that burns within each of us, we find levels of satisfaction that we may never have thought possible.

Uncovering that inspired life, and moving toward alignment with it, is what working with a life coach is all about.

Darshana Health Life Coaching offers expertise in a variety of life-enhancing systems. Each client creates his or her own chosen path according to their own hearts. The process becomes a treasure hunt, a gathering together of skills which engender confidence, peace, and purposefulness. The mining of that treasure is the process of working with your coach. The treasure that resides in each of us is uncovered and excavated. The result is finding internal connection with our own true selves. When that happens, we light up. Energy is unbound. Our passion and truth give us peace and cause us to revel in the enthusiasm for life that is our birthright. When we clear away the residue, we want to jump out of bed in the morning and experience our gifts, bringing our offerings to the world.

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